Welcome to Norwood Young America, Minnesota!  NYA is a small town at the western edge of the Twin Cities Metro area.

The mission of the Norwood Young America Area Chamber of Commerce is to “Lead and promote the business community of the greater Norwood Young America area, creating an environment in which business will prosper.”

Norwood Young America is a family oriented community with businesses providing a wide range of service-based and retail businesses.  NYA has numerous community and civic organizations, is the Home of Central Schools District #108, and is close to many recreational facilities and parks, including Baylor Regional Park.

Welcome to Cologne, a small but vibrant city nestled in the heart of Minnesota, where community, history, and natural beauty converge to create a unique and inviting atmosphere. Our story is one that spans generations, weaving together the threads of tradition, progress, and the spirits of our residents.Cologne prides itself on being a forward-thinking community!

Hamburg is a small town with a big heart. This charming community, founded in the late 19th century, embodies the essence of rural living while embracing the values of progress and community. With its scenic landscapes, tight-knit neighborhoods, and a rich tapestry of history, Hamburg invites residents and visitors alike to experience the warmth and tranquility that define life in this hidden gem.

Norwood Young America:
In Norwood Young America, the echoes of the past harmonize with the aspirations of the future. This growing town is more than just a collection of streets and buildings; it’s a living testament to the enduring spirit of its residents. Whether you’re drawn to its historic charm, the warmth of its community, or the promise of a vibrant future, Norwood Young America welcomes you to a place where heritage is honored, and community is built with each passing day.